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    WICED Bluetooth CYW20719 Virtual Workshop - Available On-Demand!


      Hello Problem-Solvers!


      This past week we had our WICED Bluetooth Virtual Workshop, co-sponsored by Mouser, teaching hundreds of engineers how to design low-power IoT devices using Cypress' CYW20719 Dual-Mode Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless MCU. Missed it? No worries! You can now watch on-demand right here on the Cypress community. Here are the steps to follow:


      1. Buy a CYW20719 Eval Kit (CYW920719Q40EVB-01) from Mouser so that you can follow along the workshop


      2. Open up Alan Hawse's lab manual on www.iotexpert.com, which will provide you with all of the instructions and source code you need to complete the projects in the workshop


      3. Watch the on-demand virtual workshop here: Design low-power IoT devices with Cypress' CYW20719 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless MCU


      Thanks and enjoy!




      Matthew S.