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    Advertising while Deep Sleeping


      Is it possible to advertise while in Deep Sleep mode?


      I read somewhere that Advertising runs off the ECO clock, which is a HFCLK. Any time a HFCLK is running, we cannot obtain Deep Sleep. With that being said, my answer should be no. However, i'm wondering if there is a way to either use a LFCLK for advertising instead (and also for scanning). I'm running a battery operated system and really need to save some power!


      As a fallback, I do know that there is the ability to go into Deep Sleep mode between advertising intervals. I'm not sure how to do this yet, but i'd rather sleep the entire time i'm advertising, rather than every interval.


      Thank you for any thoughts or advice!

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             Yes, you can advertise while putting the BLESS/PSoC in DeepSleep during the advertisement intervals.


          At every advertisement and connection interval , the BLESS interrupt wakes up the BLESS as well System(PSoC) from the DeepSleep Mode.


          Please refer below  Application Note fro more details on BLE Low Power Application Design.




          Also, refer the 'BLE_FindMe' code example from the PSoC creator ( Navigate to the PSoC Creator -> File-> Code Examples -> Search for 'BLE_FindMe' ) which has the Low Power Implementation and  will help you to understand the concepts in better way.