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    CCG2 CCG3 how to edit PDO data in configuration table with PSoC creator


      I have a CCG2  and would like to be able to program it fully through the PSoC creator software (version 3 as it matches the sample code) using the PSoC programming dongle.  However, it appears the PDOs in the configuration table are updated while programming with the PSoC creator software and overwrite currently stored values.

      I would like to edit this table, I believe I have located the data stored in the usbpd_config.c file located in Firmware/projects/CYPD2122-24LQXI_mobile/CYPD2122-24LQXI_mobile.cydsn/i2c_boot-nb.cydsn/usbpd_config.c.


      However, this is just a table of raw data.  Can I use the EZ-PD configuration utility to generate this table, or extract it somehow from a EZ-PD configuration saved file?


      I have confirmed I can at first program with PSoC creator software, and then update the table data with EZ-PD configuration utility.

      Ultimately I would like to be able to quickly program the devices in production in one step with a .bin format and would like to incorporate this PDO data into that file.


      Are there any directions or information concerning bulk production programming that I might have missed?