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    I2C Master communication issue with two slave.




      I am trying to Interface two slaves with single I2C master with my own developed board which has on CY8C4245AXI-483 controller on it.


      I have interfaced two I2C slave with single master, 1. PCF8574AT usd for interfacing 20x4 LCD, 2. DS1307 RTC. i have used 4.7K resistor to make I2C lines pulls up.


      what i am trying to do is to fetch data from DS1307 RTC and displaying it on LCD.


      At firmware side i am using SCB block for I2C master control. When i am running my code it sending data to LCD, and LCD displaying string properly, but i am not able to Read data from DS1307  and its gives constant data.


      Interesting thing is that, i have make same setup with another general purpose board with same controller chip on it which has not DS1307 on it, i have interfaced it separately and my same code is working properly with this setup.


      I am not getting any idea that why its not working with my designed circuit board.


      Can anyone help me to over come this problem??


      Thank you.