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    Design confirmation for CCG2 CYPD2122-20FNXIT charge through USBC to USB2 adapter dongle


      I am currently finalizing a prototype design for a USBC to USB2 charge through dongle based on the CYPD2122-20FNXIT and would like to confirm the design.  The product is to be connected to a mobile phone to allow a USB2 keyboard to be connected and charging at the same time.  There is an external MCU (not shown) that will control the charging enable/disable and provide the VBUS for charging.


      The charge rate is limited to 5.0v at 1500mA and the PDO configuration table data will reflect this.


      The J2 connector description is as follows...

      Pins 1 through 5 are the PSoC programming header.

      I believe programming is supported through the CC1 and CC2 lines, but would like to confirm this.

      The PSoC connection provides a backup and debug option at the moment.


      Pins 6 and 7 are USB data.

      Pin 8 is a request from the external MCU to enable charging.

      Pin 9 is a request from the CCG2 to enable the VBUS 5v power.

      Pin 10-12 are VBUS power for charging.

      Pin 13-15 are GND for charging.


      I am attempting to fit the design on a paddle type USBC connector to minimize the design, as shown in the attached image.

      Before the prototype is manufactured I would like to confirm the design feasibility with a community or Cypress engineer before production if possible.