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    Can't install WICED STUDIO properly



      I just installed WICED-Studio-6.2.1 (OSX), WICED-Studio-6.2.1 (OSX) .

      After installation completing, I found that there is not any option under "WICED Platform" just "WICED Filters off", so I can't see any CYW dev kit there, so how can I resolve this problem?



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          This may be the App translocation issue. We have a README for it, see below (this is also on the download page for OSX).


          Only way to tell is to attach the install log and have someone on the applications team will take a look.


          On the Mac, the installer logs will be under:





          - Download the OSX_MFI_WICED-Studio-X.X.X.XX-IDE-Installer.zip

          - Double click the zip file and extract all contents from the installer to a local folder;

            the unzipped contents should appear as shown in the screen shot below (OSX_MFI.png)

          - Move the contents of the folder to another folder using ‘Finder’, for example

            /Users/<name>/Documents/installer ; Do not move the files using ‘Terminal’ 

          - Run the command below using Terminal window: 

            > xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine <path>/WICED-Studio-X.X.X.X-IDE-Installer.app

          Note that the above two steps are needed as a workaround for a known OSX 10.12 install

            issue called "App Translocation"

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            Thanks for the reply, solve my problem.


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