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    BLE EZ-Serial with host processor, problem to discover services and characteristics of a remote GATT server using “gattc_discover_services” and “gattc_discover_characteristics”


      I am using a BLE module (CYBLE-212019-00) connected to a host processor and controlled via EZ-serial API (EZ-serial v.1.1.1 on BLE module, API library version 1.3). I try to connect the BLE module to a remote GATT server and discover the services and characteristics on this remote server. I am able to connect the BLE module, but the command for discovering services and characteristics fail with a result code 0x0108 “Operation not permitted”, although I am waiting the connection event to send the discovery command. Note that the service discovery and characteristic discovery works when I am using the text commands, but not when I send the same command (in binary) via the API.


      Below are some additional details.

      Thank you for the support.



      Detail of the setup and the tests:


      • Connection between two BLE modules CYBLE-212019-00, one is the client, the other is the server.
      • Use of the default configuration without using CYSPP.
      • Factory reset between tests.
      • Pairing/bounding does not solve the problem.
      • Using different parameter value for begin/end attribute handle for the discovery command does not solve the problem.
      • Service discovery command is sent only when the connection has been established (gap_connected event received).


      Test in text mode (successful):


      # Factory reset







      # Start scan





      # ... Multiple scan results


      # Stop scan





      # Stop advertisement










      # Service discovery









      # Disconnection command







      Test using API (fail):


      // Connection (after scan results and advertisement stopped)

      response = EZS_SEND_AND_WAIT(ezs_cmd_gap_connect(



          0x0006, // Connection interval

          0x0000, // Slave latency

          0x0064, // Supervision timeout

          0x0100, // Scan interval

          0x0100, // Scan window

          0x000A // Scan timeout


      // ... response code is OK.

      // ... wait for gap_connected event before starting service discovery



      // Service discovery

      response = EZS_SEND_AND_WAIT(ezs_cmd_gattc_discover_services(





      // Result code in response packet is 0x0108 “Operation not permitted”