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    FRAM Memory Organization

      Dear Sirs,


      I'm wondering if FRAMs have some kind of memory organization similar to other memories.

      Does 16kbit FRAM consist of 8 pages of 256 bytes blocks/pages or 256 times 8-bytes of rows?


      Datasheet of FM24CL16B, page 6 of 19, chapter Slave Device Address it says:
      "Bits 3-1 are the page select. It specifies the 256-byte block of memory that is targeted for the current operation."

      Same document, page 8 of 19, chapter Endurance it says:

      "The memory architecture is based on an array of rows and columns. Each read or write access causes an endurance cycle for an entire row. In the FM24C16B, a row is 64

      bits wide. Every 8-byte boundary marks the beginning of a new row."

      So should we consider that; it's refreshing an 8-bytes of row not a 256-bytes of block each write/read operation?


      Asking this because of our safety concerns. Generally we're working with redundant memory page; ex. for settings we allocate two pages of memory -with checksum of course-, while writing first page in case of noise or power-down, second page will be kept uncorrupted so we can recover.


      Waiting for your reply.


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