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    CX3 CSI2 I/O interface ESD protection


      Dear Sir,


      Can Cypress give some suggestion on how to design ESD and EMI for CSI2 I/O interface? I found EMI4183 used in e-consystem CX3 RDK schematics?


      Is it really needed?


      I also want to get ESD parameters for CX3 general GPIO,e.g. from GPIO17..to .GPIO57, that is not mentioned in FX3 or CX3 datasheet.





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          Dear Sir,


          In e-consystem CX3RDK schematics, an RCLAMP0524J.TCT esd chip for USB3.0 lines, I think it is also can used for mipi csi port, emi4183 is similar with RCLAMP0524J.TCT, but with common choke embedded


          Can RCLAMP0524J.TCT replace emi4183 for mipi csi port?





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            In e-con System CX3 RDK, we have to connect the image sensor through a header board. i.e. Base board and sensor board are different here. This is the reason the ESD device is placed on MIPI lines in the CX3 RDK.


            If your image sensor and CX3 are on the same board and not exposed to the human intervention, you do not need to put ESD device over the MIPI CSI2 interface.

            If your application environment is highly charged environment and there is possibility for ESD, use EMI4183 or RCLAMP0524J.


            The same is applied to the GPIO pins too.

            Generally, we do not use any ESD protection for GPIO pins.