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    Problems with AN82072/cyusb.dll

      I'm trying to use the example AN82072 to send and receive some data from a psoc5 over USB. I loaded up the example workspace and programmed it onto my development kit. That seemed to work fine on my CY8CKIT-050.


      I used the Windows host application included with the AN, and it seems to be connecting and getting the ADC and switch status just fine. The problem I'm seeing is with sending data from the application to the psoc. If I change the duty cycle and hit the update button, nothing happens. If I spam click the button a whole bunch of times, eventually the new value makes it through, and is reflected on the LCD. I had a colleague try it on his machine with the same result.


      Seems like it might be a problem with cyusb.dll - it's ultimately using the CyHidDevice.WriteOutput() method. Maybe there's some sort of usage issue with the library, but that seems odd, given that I'm just trying to use the example as-is. I tried the Linux host example, and it worked reliably.