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    CE210291_CapSense, read I2C data, meaning?


      Hello, I am working with an Evalkit (PSoC4000S, 4045) and above mentioned example.

      Now I logged the data coming from I2C-Bus, see attached picture. After a read command at adress 0x08, I always get first 0xC6, 0x75, 0x00, 0x09, 0xB8, 0x0B, 0x05 etc....


      Unfortunately (including help of CapSense Register-Map) I am not able to find the meaning of every byte?

      Where can I see or find that?


      thank you very much

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          Hi Pierre,


          In the CapSense_RegisterMap, the meaning of I2C buffer has been listed and explained.

          For example, the first register, CONFIG_ID.

          This is a 16-bit CRC calculated by the customizer for the component configuration. Used by the Tuner application to identify if the FW corresponds to the specific user configuration.

          If the fw built not same with downloaded in PSoC4, the tuner will stop and give a error message such as shown as below.



          May I know why you want to read the I2C buffer? This I2C buffer is mainly used for Tuner. If customer would like to get some key paras of CapSense (raw count, diff-count, baseline.,e.g.). It's better to customize I2C buffer, and load values by reading CapSense value from PSoC4 RAM into the buffer.




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