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    MAC address changes depending on PSoC Creator version?


      We've been using PSoC Creator 4.0 for our BLE Broadcaster project.  The option "Silicon generated 'Company assigned' part of the device address" is checked in the GAP settings.  The BLE component version in the project is 2.10.


      I recently ran a build of the same code using PSoC Creator 4.2 (loading the same project).  It updated the BLE component to v3.51.  I verified that all options in the BLE component are set the same.


      Our problem is thus: The BLE MAC address is different (and constant) depending on which firmware image we load.  That is, if we load the 4.0-based build we get one MAC address.  If we load the 4.2-based build on the same device we get a different MAC address.


      We are not writing a custom MAC address to user flash row 0.  We'd prefer to not have to.


      My understanding is that with the "Silicon generated 'Company assigned' part of the device address" option checked, the MAC address should be a function of various aspects of the die's manufacturing (X & Y location, wafer lot, wafer number, etc).  If that is that case, then the MAC address shouldn't be changing.


      Can anyone tell me why the address is different between the two compiled images?


      Thanks for any insight you can offer.