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    CYBLE-022001-00 coexistence with Wi-Fi

      On-board our PCB is a CYBLE-022001-00 chip and a third-party WiFi-capable device. Is the Cypress EZ-BLE PRoC chip we're using WiFi coexistence-ready? If so, is there a guide on how to manage it?

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          Hello ,


            CYBLE-022001-00 ( or other PSoC BLE/PRoC BLE Modules as well)  are not WiFi-Coexistence ready.



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            Hi GyanC_36,

            So, here's my application on the BLE:

            1. The BLE is configured in a Custom Profile Mode with GAP Role as both Central and Peripheral, and as GATT Client and Server.

            2. One of its Services as a GAP Peripheral and GATT Server device is the HID Service functioning as both keyboard and mouse.

            3. As a Central, it will, as one of its future integrations, continuously scan for beacons that are BLE Broadcasters.


            Since the BLE module we're using is not WiFi Coexistence-ready, I researched on what our alternatives could be, and here they are:

            1. change the module. Upon looking at the Cypress products, I found that CYBT-343026-01 EZ-BT WICED has the coexistence pins and is a probable replacement. However, this would require using the Wiced Studio instead of the PSoC Creator software. I am not yet knowledgeable on using Wiced, so my worry is that: Would it be possible to migrate all my codes to Wiced? Would that CYBT module be capable of performing the same application I have stated?


            2. hard-code the BLE to make it "coexistence-capable-like". I found this project BLE/BLE Coexistence at master · cypresssemiconductorco/BLE · GitHub . As far as I can see it simply uses interrupt and 2 regular GPIO pins as coexistence signals that would put the BLE in sleep/deep-sleep mode. I have not tested the project, but will this work for the coexistence?


            Any comments? Are there other Cypress modules that are BLE-capable and WiFi Coexistence-ready and migrating our current application would be easy?


            Thanks a lot!

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              ->   The answer to your first question is  the Cypress BLE devices based on WICED Platform are WiFi- Coexistence ready with Cypress WiFi devices based on WICED Platform.


              If you want to get advantages of this coexistence ready solution , you have to move to WICED platform.


              -> Regarding the second question, this example implements a custom approach for the coexistence with WiFi devices based on the request (from Cypress BLE device 'BT_Req' pin) and Response from the WiFi device (WL_Act pin). You could implement this if it fits for your design.


              Note: The Firmware is toggling the Sleep/DeepSleep pin. The device goes into Low Power Modes between every advertising and connection interval. If you do not want to put the system in low power mode ,you can comment out the functions pertaining to low power modes. ( and the pins as well )



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                Wow! Thanks a lot, GyanC_36!


                I think using Wiced BLE would already be out of the options. On a second thought, a custom code for coexistence may also not be the best to go given the applications on both bluetooth and Wifi.


                GyanC_36, do you happen to know if the CYBLE-022001-00 chip has the Adaptive Frequency Hopping system? If not, our only option is to physically separate our two wireless modules.