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    How to make the batch file to run ppcli.exe for MiniProg3?

      Dear Sirs.

      Hello,I'm your user from China.I bought several MiniProg3 programmers from your company.I now want to run the ppcli.exe automatically by using batch file,and I need program's IC is <CY8C4146AZI-S433>.but I can't see how to make the batch file from the PDF file your provided<PSoC Programmer CLI User Guide.pdf>.

      Can you help teach me?How can I finish the work?

      Look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Thank you very much!

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          If you add the PPCLI.exe to the environment path variable, then all you need to do is have the line:


          at the beginning of the batch file and it will start the CLI first thing it does.

          You may then proceed to run following CLI commands in the following lines of the batch file to interface with the PPCLI program.

          Here is an example batch file line that runs code from the "script.txt" file using the PPCLI program (Assumes you added the PPCLI to the environment path):

          Program.bat file:

               PPCLI "--runfile script.txt"

          Script.txt file:



          P.S. This is as far as I got, since I don't know how to interface with the batch language to save/store/use variables from the different line outputs