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    PSOC 4 thermistor interface


      Hi I want to interface thermistor with PSOC4 . so i am using cypress example program.

      i am using 10k thermistor . while using this example project i am getting some random outputs. kindly help me to resolve this. i have attached the thermistor data sheet and program.



      thermistor part number:B57540G1103H000.

      psoc kit used :CY8CKIT-042



      thanks and regards


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          Well, you are polling for the ADC to finish, I don't believe you need to call ADC_StopConvert(); afterwards, as it only returns if it completed the ADC conversion. That might be why it is causing randoms values to spit out?


          Just as an FYI, Modulus operations (% symbol) are very slow in programs, so if you want better performance/speeds, trying not to use it is preferable.


          Try debugging the program with the SWD ports, and see what values the RAM are showing for iTemp, iRes, and how the filtering.

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            Dear Rajakumar-san,


            Since I could not figure out your top circuit, I'll put my temp test project (for CY8CKIT-044).

            May be you need to recreate the project for -042.


            My top circuit is


            And as "B" parameter of my therm is different from yours,

            please modify line 24 of main.c from

            #define B 3435


            #define B 3492


            And as I'm using log(), we need to add command line "-lm" in Build Settings Compiler and Linker




            Hope this can be a bit of hint/help.


            Best Regards,



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              Your project seems to be working fine. Can you please check the following?

              1. See if the bias voltage is applied

              2. Check the connection from P4[1] on header J3 to PSoC 5LP's P12[6] on header J8 for UART


              Also, please check if you can make a change in firmware as suggested by other members.