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    PSoC 62 power supply considerations

      Hello, I am looking to build a board with a large number of PSoC 62's attached and running constantly at 150 MHz for the M4 processor and 50 MHz for the M0 processor with all of the UBD's running. When looking at the datasheet I calculated the current draw of the processors to be .007 A and the power consumption to be .0231 W. The design consideration PDF has a line where it states that you do not need to worry about cooling because they draw a max of .2W. Is there a section of the datasheet I am overlooking that would give the power draw of the UBD's? I am also not driving any GPIO's and have a single SPI bus for communication.

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          Hi James,


          The maximum power consumption of PSoC 6 devices is 0.2 W. This is the worst case number. By this we would like to say that devices would not consume power more than 0.2W.


          There is nothing that you are missing. Please use one of our development kit and  develop the application. If it builds fine without any errors there would not be any problem.