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    PSoC® USB HID Bootloader for linux



      I'm working on programming PSOC via USB.

      I found in the site Windows-based bootloader host program.

      but, I'm working on Linux.

      Do you have Linux-based bootloader host program?



      And a good week


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          Same question here, but I have a feeling the answer is going to be "no" (at least officially).

          I also have to figure out a bootloading from linux solution for a PSoC 5.  In the past I've gotten a PIC bootloader written in C# to run on Linux using mono (https://www.mono-project.com/) but that was a serial RS232 bootloader, and USB is a whole different beast than just opening a COM port.


          I'll report back once I've tested this out.



          After an attempt to run the HID Bootloader on a Raspberry Pi, I can confirm it's non-functional using mono.  It's looking for hid.dll through CyUSB.dll. If I'm not mistaken hid.dll is a windows only library.  I think in order to make the USB HID Bootloader compatible with linux, it would need to use a different hid library in CyUSB.dll.  Of course, I'm more a firmware dev than a higher level app dev, so my understanding could be flawed here.  Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.

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            Hello Orit,


            Cypress do not have linux based bootloader host tool.


            You may make use of PSoC Creator Bootloader Host tool using Virtual Box. We have tested PSoC Creator 4.1 in Oracle VM VirtualBox running Windows 10 with Ubuntu 15 Linux. Alternatively, user can develop Linux based stand alone application to interface with a PSoC Creator Bootloader Component with the help of following resources;


                      <installation folder> \ PSoC Creator \ <PSoC Creator Version>  \ PSoC Creator \ cybootloaderutils


            Best Regards,

            Geona Mary