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    Regarding Pre Programmed USB hub



      I'm Dinesh Katkar from Acclivistech , Pune . I have selected USB hub controller IC CY7C65631-56LTXC for one of my product design and I would like to request you to support us for below my query.    


      1) This Hub IC need to program while installation of all machine and it is time consuming for us.


      Could you please recommend me Pre- programmed USB Hub controller chip from Cypress..    


      Looking forward for your positive response!!

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          Hello Dinesh,


          CY7C65631 hub IC is by default programmed and configured. In case you need to use a different configuration option, you can use an external EEPROM. Please connect the hub to the host PC and the device manager can be seen to be updated with the hub connection.


          Best regards,

          Srinath S

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            Hi Dinesh,


            As Srinath said above, this HUB(HX2LP) is pre-progammed with the default firmware in the internal ROM before you get it.

            Thus you could just design your board and connect it to PC. It should appear in the device manger if everthing goes well.

            You could get another four USB ports with it. Without the external EEPROM, you could still transfer data to PC throught these four DS(down stream) ports.

            If you have other requirments regarding to the HUB(i.e., set your own VID/PID). Then you need an external EEPROM.