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    Can not write a new project to the kit.

      Hello this is Taka, I'm new and I just read the quick start guide, AN103, HWUM100-R and datasheet.

      I could load the sample app of the SDK then it's OK.


      Now I'm trying  to create a new project and read WICED-Smart-SWUM100-R(Softwae User Guid).

      I made a project "test2" and set the device name as "test2". Set a Service, has one readable characteristic.


      I tryed to load this new project to the Tag kit, then the LED was blinking and new device is showed on iPhone.

      But the device name is old project name.


      For example,


      1)Load "Proximity" that is a sample of SDK. Then "Proximity" is showed.


      2)Next, load "test2" that is my app, then "Proximity" is showed.


      3)Next, load "Hello" that is a sample of SDK, then "Hello" is showed.


      When I made a new project, the new make target was created as "test-BCM920737TAG_Q32 download", and I double clicked to load my new project to the tag board.

      There was no error when I load it. It seems same as the loading of the sample programs.


      How can I do for this? Or do I have to read more documents?