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    Korea certification fails due receive mode test of regulation test does not work

      For our projects we use the Murata SN8000UFL module with the Cypress chip 43362. Our instruments are shipped world-wide therefore we have to perform in many countries some regulation tests. For this we use the 43362a2-mfgtest.bin file that is loaded to the chip and by the WL tool we can communicate with the chip. In principal the communication with the module works due we get for commands like "cur_etheraddr" the correct values and also the transmit mode is working correctly. But the receive mode seems not to work. We use following script to enbale the mode:

      ..\\wl_tool\\wl43362A2.exe --serial 27 down

      ..\\wl_tool\\wl43362A2.exe --serial 27 mpc 0

      ..\\wl_tool\\wl43362A2.exe --serial 27 country ALL

      ..\\wl_tool\\wl43362A2.exe --serial 27 scansuppress 1

      ..\\wl_tool\\wl43362A2.exe --serial 27 channel 1

      ..\\wl_tool\\wl43362A2.exe --serial 27 bi 65535

      ..\\wl_tool\\wl43362A2.exe --serial 27 up


      But we always can see that there is a permanent peak visible. Attached you can find the measurement. The frequency of the peak is changing also depending on the channel number that is configured.

      Therefore the Korea tests fail due the we always exceed the limits of -57dBm. Normally in the receive mode there should be no peak visible.
      We are already in contact with Murata since several weeks but unfortunately with no success. They have proposed to post this issue in the cypress forum because this is related to the chip itself.

      Could you please support us? Do you have any idea what is wrong?