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    Please help

      Yesterday I received a new WICED Sense bluetooth smart sensor tag and tried to check if it works on iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 that are on iOS 8.1.2.  The iOS WICED Sense App could not be paired with either of them.


      Secondly I tried to pair it with iPhone 4S with iOS 8.1 and luckily it got paired. I was then able to see the sensors working on this iPhone WICED Sense App.  However, for no particular reason - it stopped working today.  I tried by removing the battery and putting it back as despite pressing the wake button, no red light was becoming ON.


      Then I downloaded the latest Wiced Smart SDK 2.2.0 for Windows and connected the tag using USB.  I followed the recovery procedure.  Now the red lights are turning ON when I use Wakeup button but the bluetooth connection is still unsuccessful. 


      Please help.

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          Hello Vikas,


          Try "Forget this device" in iOS and then see if you can pair.


          I will check with the developers on the 8.1.2 version.




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            Thanks JT.  I will wait to hear back from you on making it work on iOS 8.1.2.


            In the meanwhile, I need help with recovery procedure.  When I perform the Make Target step using "... recover UART=COM4" - I sometimes get "Download - error" and sometime get "Recovering Platform - error".  I have tried the "PRESS RESET and HOLD --> PRESS BOOT and HOLD --> RELEASE RESET-->RELEASE BOOT" and also "PRESS BOOT and HOLD--> PRESS RESET and HOLD-->RELEASE BOOT--> RELEASE RESET" several times.  So


            - Is there an over the phone support I can call to get assistance?

            - All references to SDK in the recovery procedure are to version 2.1.1 whereas I am using the latest 2.2.0.  Would that make a difference in recovery?  I am not sure if 2.2.0 supports BCM20737S.


            Also is there a limitation for connecting these tags simultaneously to more than 1 device?  I thought I read somewhere that it supports up to 8 devices simultaneously but wanted to double check.


            Thank you for helping!



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              I will let jota_1939431 respond to the WICED Sense recovery portion of your question.


              Your local Broadcom Distributor may be able to provide local support; here is a list of Broadcom's Franchised Distributors


              With regards to the recovery procedure, there is no difference between SDK 2.1.1 and 2.2.0.  Version 2.2.0 definitely supports the BCM20737S.


              There is a thread here which discusses handling multiple slaves from a single BCM2073XS client: Re: will SDK ever support more than 4 simultaneious connections?

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                I am using iOS 8.1.2 and WICED Sense pairs with no issues?  I checked with several others internally and they are not seeing any issues on iOS 8.1.2 either.