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    Interfacing to a SPI FRAM via I2C bridge


      I can read back the JEDEC ID of the FRAM, but writing and reading to the FRAM's buffer is problematic.

      I am using a Beagle SPI/I2C probe, and see a write to the buffer OK, but when reading back, I get a NAK error when I sent a Start.


      Is there any way to reset the bus when I see an error like this?


      I've attached the "minimal" archive of the project. Questionable write is in fram.c  - fram_write_buffer() and fram_read_buffer().


      The FRAM is on the other side of an I2C to SPI bridge, which probably doesn't help.

      After a seemingly OK transfer of the data TO the FRAM, attempting to perform a start transaction results in the NAK.


      I'm sure it's a rookie mistake, but I can't see it.


      Thanks - I'm going to keep beating my head against the desk...