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    CY8CMBR3116 45pF sensor shutdown

      We have received a run of PCBs, where touch button have just about 45pF parasitic capacitance, and we are worried to use them since this is right on the limit. Is there a way to disable automatic shutdown off the buttons when >45pF capacitance is detected.

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          There's not any way to disable the automatic disabling of the sensor when the Cp value exceeds 45pF in MBR3.


          The MBR3 uses SmartSense feature and the algorithm scans only the sensors with Cp value less than 45pF.


          You may try to reduce the Cp value for the SmartSense to work.


          I also suggest you to use other PSoC 4 devices and perform manual tuning if there is no way you can reduce the Cp value.