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    channel selection



      Our product uses PROC BLE  Module (CYBLE-022001-00), and we are running some emissions test at the Test Labs,And we are using CYSAMRT to run the tests.

      And Test Lab folks want the way to control the BLE module Operating frequency. I think there is a CHANNEL MAP selection command under SEND COMMANDS tab,

      The 37 bit value could be used to control channels, but I am not really sure which bit controls which frequency.

      Could you please confirm if I am on right path or there is other way to control the operating frequency?




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          If you double-click the BLE module under the schematic design page, you can navigate to one of the pages (I want to say the one with advertisement settings on it) and choose which channels the BLE radio uses (37,38,39?) with only the 3 channels allowed for the Low Energy modules.

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              Thanks for the reply, but your solution only helps to choose advertising channel, and not the operating channel.

            and I think that is controlled by Master (Host device). CYSMART acts as a host and It seems like It has command to select the Operating channel as I mentioned in my original problem request.




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              Ah, my mistake. I missed the Cysmart reference.

              No idea then

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                   The LSB bit ( In the channel Map Array) is corresponds to the channel -0 and so on----Refer the  below figure taken from CySmart UI-



                The corresponding channel frequency can be find out from the below figure --




                So, based on the frequency you want to use , find the corresponding channel and configure the 'Channel Map' array accordingly.



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