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    BSP App Note



      In engaging people on WICED and the various evaluation boards available the question comes up on what is required to create a new design using, say, the Type 1DX module but w/a physically smaller (ie differnt package) ST MCU.  Is there an app note or presentation that details the steps?  In a sense this would be a step by step checklist of creating a BSP and within WICED a separate directory structure, makefile, etc.  Thank you!

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          My apologies for the delayed response RiCa_296421


          Currently within WICED, we only support FreeRTOS, ThreadX and Express Logic from an RTOS perspective. Technically, the modular nature of our WICED WWD driver would support the addition of another RTOS, but it would take some engineering work as I’m not aware of a broad market port to Micrium. If you find that you run across a lot of customers that are asking for Micrium support, I could talk to the SW team on my side about supporting the Future centralized SW engineering team in doing a port to this RTOS that you could then offer to your customers.


          Regarding IAR, I’m pretty sure we still support IAR with ThreadX only on just a couple of platforms.  The 43438 (same as the 4343W) is one of them.  This thread has some additional details: https://community.cypress.com/message/33332


          There has been talk of developing an appnote which outlines how to develop a new MCU BSP within WICED, but I don’t know how much progress has been made internally.  Note that your centralized SW team at Future developed the current STM32F429 BSP platform that the Nebula board uses (with very little help from us), so you may want to reach out to that team internally and see if they can engage in a design services capacity with the current customer that is looking for Wafer Level STM MCU.

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            We have written a blog post STM32F469 porting in WICED to demonstrate how to port STM32F469 to existing WWD driver in WICED Studio. This could serve as a helpful reference.

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