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    OTA Slots as defined in ota_fr.c

      I'm trying to understand how the OTA works and am a bit confused about some of the example comments.


      The comments in ota_fr.c talk about 8 slots being defined in the external flash (using BCM943362WCD4, 1Meg external flash).

      One of the slots is reserved for the WIFI_FIRMWARE, BUT when I build my app, the WIFI_FIRMWARE is part of my binary/elf file.

      So why would a slot be reserved for this? Is there a mechanism for breaking this out of my app and updating it independently?


      I ask because the 1Meg external flash seems wholly inadequate. If your app has the OTA + WIFI code included in it, it is almost always going to be >500k. If you want to download a new image that is also >500k, it will not fit into the external flash (unless you erase the original image first).


      If I can separate out the WIFI code (208k), then you could save ~208k on your default and OTA app images.