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    Programming and Debugging the WM-N-BM-14



      I have the following:


      1. WICED SDK 6.1
      2. SEGGGER J-link Base
      3. Ubuntu 16.04


      I'm building the following make target snip.scan-BCM43362WCD4. We have a custom board with the USI module WM-N-BM-14, I'd like to know if there are some significant changes required in the platform files.


      We are seeing the following issues:


      Unable to debug with WICED Studio, I see the following error (using the following  43xxx_Wi-Fi_Debug_Linux64 debug  with  JTAG  device: J-Link) :

      Screenshot from 2018-06-20 11-43-11.png


      Using Ozone, and the snip-gpio-BCM43362WCD4.elf. I see that the target in-consistently hits the WDT ISR.