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    Preprogramed PSoC-4



      I'm developing a project with PSoC-4 and will be interesting to me acquire pre-programmed PSoC-4 parts by Cypress. This is possible?


      best regards,

      Rafael Dias

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          Hi Rafael,


          I heard that some customers bought pre-programmed PSoC4. So I think it is possible.

          In my opinion, if the pre-programmed PSoC4 was programmed with application firmware. It is not very flexible to upgrade the firmware.

          If there is a host mcu in your design, you can try to use bootloader+bootloadable. Using a pre-programmed chip with bootloader is easy to upgrade your application firmware.

          Suggest to contact your local Cypress distributor sales/FAE to confirm.

          Here is CY distributors list:





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            Hi Ryan,


            Many thanks for the support.


            I'm developing now a bootloader that uses an external SPI memory interface. I guess that in a few days I’ll have a functional bootloader in hand.


            Best regards,

            Rafael Dias