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    CE211301_PIR_Motion_Sensing example with CY8C4145




      I want to use CY8C4A25 in my product.


      Distributor say it is not in production yet, suggest I use CY8C4145LQI-PS433, which is in stock (supposedly, still checking the lead time).


      I want to use PSoC creator and CY8CKIT-048 CE211301_PIR_Motion_Sensing example with CY8C4145LQI-PS433, but when I open the project, and try to change the device (Project > Device Selector), this device is not listed.
      I've tried both PSoC 4.2 and 3.3 version.


      How to do this?

      Which PSoC creator to use?


      I want to make my design based on CE211301_PIR_Motion_Sensing example, with CY8C4145LQI-PS433, and later migrate to CY8C4A25 / CY8C4A45 .