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    Error: dbg.M0015

      Hello together,


      I tried to run the PSoC 4 CAN Basic Example Project on my CY8CKIT-046 PSoC 4 L-Series Pioneer Kit.

      I can build and download this project but when I run it, nothing expected happen (no signals on the CAN tx output pin, and no communication over the serial port.

      Then I started the debugger and now I got the Error: dbg.M0015:

      Debugger exited unexpectedly during run.  Encountered error (Target disconnected See output window for more information.)

      When I activate under Tools, Options, Program/Debug, On Run/Reset, run to: Reset Vector, I can get a bit more informations:

      Now the debugger starts without a failure, it stands on void Reset(void) with Step I can get into the function Start_c()

      where the memory seems to be initialzed correct.The error dbg.M0015 happen when __libc_init_array(); is called. main() would be the next call after __libc_init_array() but it seems that main() is never reached. I tried all the things which I found on the net like:

      .cydwr Programming\Debugging, Debug select to SWD (serial wire debug) and the

      Flash security all to Unprotected

      I work with PSoC creator Software

      The same behavior happen with Windows 10 and Windows Vista.

      When I create a short project which write some Informations to the serial port all work fine (serial port writings and debugging).

      Has someone make the same experiance with the CAN example?

      How can I find a solution for this problem?


      Thank you very much for your help.

      Best regards



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          Hello together,

          fortunately I could find the problem.

          The CAN Basic example expect an external clock source on P0[6].

          Unfortunately such a clock source isn't available on the board, and P0[6] is also connected to the CapSense Gesture Pad on the daughter board.

          I changed the Direct_Sel from EXTCLK (24MHz)  to IMO (24MHz).

          Now the example program run and I can debug it.


          Best regards