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    Driver version digits - how to interpret?

      We are using the Fx3 with CyUsb3.sys for a new product debvelopment, so far so good.

      The driver file CyUsb3.sys carries the version

      When retrieving the driver version via CyApi GetDriverVer (this in turn does a IOCTL_ADAPT_GET_DRIVER_VERSION)

      we get the version code 0x01020200.

      Can someone explain how these two version numbers relate and what they mean in typical version code terms such as Major/Minor/Buld..?

      The documantation an the Web do not provide answers.


      Michael Wahl

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          Hi Michael,


          The driver version is of the format:




          But as per your observation, these seem to be different. We will investigate further.



          - Madhu Sudhan

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            Hello Michael Wahl,


            The CyAPI GetDriverVer() has been deprecated and is no longer been updated. Kindly, use the attached code/application to obtain the driver version. This code uses the Win APIs to obtain the details of the driver. Also, note that, when multiple devices are bound to the CYUSB3 driver, only the first instance is considered by this application. The GetDriverVersion() function parameters have to be modified to suit the VID/PID of the device being connected.


            Best regards,

            Srinath S