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    My PSoC 5LP Evaluation board is not (CYC8KIT-050 ) not booting and programming




      I was trying to use 12 bit SAR ADC, and I did not notice that the system was in 3.3v mode and for testing I have connected 5v to the input of ADC. After some time I saw the LED4 and LED3 of the evalaution board started glowing and the PSoC chip became hot. I switched off. After that everytime whenever I am trying to connect to power supply both of the LED4 and LED3 is glowing and PSoC code is not booting. Even I am not able to flash the new code. I tried using miniprog3 also but it did not help.


      Please suggest still this can be fixed or the board is gone. When I am connecting I am getting following screen (attached below)



      Thank you.