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    auto re-calibration takes very long time



      I am working on a PSOC4000S Evalkit (4045) with programm-example "CE210311_CapSense_P4_ADC_Sequential01"


      I already did some Capsense experience with a fix programmed IC like the CY8CMBR3116.

      With the CY8CMBR3116 - if change or take away the Overlay (for example change from 4mm to a 10mm Glass) it tooks about 4-5seconds and all sense was recalibrated to 0 diffcounts and I could touch and got correct detections again.


      Now with the programmable PSOC4000S the recalibration time is much longer, so if change or take away the overlay/glass it takes aprox 2-3min until all sensors are calibrated, respectievly reseted to 0 diffcounts.


      So where can I setup, or force a reset if a decalibration is detected (e.g. removed overlay etc.)?

      Or is there a function I can call to force a calibration?


      thank you very much