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    CY8C58LP Processor Module Rev** and CY8CKIT-001 Rev*B Development Board problem

      Dear All

      I have a problem with CY8CKIT-001 Rev*B development board and CY8C58LP Processor Module Rev**. There is the MiniProg3 connected to the processor module. The "Port Acquire" command from "PSoC Creator 4.2 -> Select Debug Target" returns an error "There was an error running port acquire: Can not acquire SWD device!"

      The same operation performed on this development board populated with the old CY8C55 processor module succeeds. Of course, further work with PSoC Creator is not possible in such configuration.

      My question is if it is an incompatibility issue between different revisions of development board (Rev**) and 5LP processor module (Rev*B) or the CY8C58LP Processor Module is probably damaged.

      Best regards