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    uGUI PSoC 5 sample with SSD1963 LCD Controller


      Hi everyone!

      I want to share this project I'm working on using a CY8CKIT-050 (PSoC5-LP) to integrate a SSD1963 Solomon LCD controller and a XPT2046 Touch controller with uGUI library. I builded the SSD1963 and XPT2046 drivers and it's working very well.


      GitHub - AndresNavas/PSoC5_uGUI_Sample: Sample and Test project of uGUI library in a PSoC5-LP Kit using a SSD1963 Solomo…



      I created this project because there's not or really few information about this LCD and Touch controllers with PSoC and those panels are very neat and cheap to use it with cool projects!


      Please feel free to use it, share it and improve it.


      Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and feedback about it.



      Next Improvement: To integrate SDCard for logging data and read Images to display!....