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    Use Cy_Pin to release from Sleep/DeepSleep


      I have a PCB board with a CYBLE_222014-01 chip and two buttons on it. Currently, when both buttons are released, a sound is played. When you push both buttons back down, the sound is stopped. The button's press and release triggers an interrupt within cy_pins.


      I would like to be able to put the chip into sleep, deep sleep, and hibernate, as needed. However, I have tested using the sleep modes for power consumption purposes, but now need to be able to pull the device out of the sleep modes when the buttons are pressed.


      From what i've read, I need to be using a Watch Crystal Oscillator to achieve anything in deep sleep mode, so i'm thinking I should use WCO instead of ILO, if i can.


      Can someone please explain the steps to achieve my goal? As a head's up, i'm extremely new to using PSoC creator, and I don't typically work with firmware, so please speak in terms that are as simple as possible. Thanks in advance!