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    Two PSoC 4 serial communication using putty

      Hello everyone


      I am using two PSoC 4 CY8CKIT-042 and some of the radiometeix RF elements such as NTX0 and NRX0. I’m using UART in both PSoC devices. I need both the boards to serially communicate and have to show result in Putty. Like if open two COM ports in putty, and type data from transmitter board it must be communicated in the receiver COM port in PUttY.


      Can you kimdly post post the entire workspace or project if anyone has done it please. It would be of great help. nishantm_01 BoTa_264741arta_3438896RuzheZ_36@

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          Hi Sachin,

          So on a single board their is kitprog2 communicating with PSoC and PSoC communicating with another PSoC of other board. Here is the way I suggest.

          In PSoC Creator use 2 UART SCB. One of the SCB connected to PSoC 5LP. Another TX RX connected to the other board.

          1) Transmit the characters from Putty through kitprog2 to PSoC .

          2)Fetch the character to a variable char

          3) Now use that char variable to send the character to the other board.

          4) Receive the character to other board RX.


          5) Use 2 UART SCB in other board too. one will receive data to the board from other one. The other will transmit to kitprog2.


          Try these steps and use my code in the previous post .

          To transmit from PC use UART_UARTgetchar() and UART_UARTputchar()




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            (Another TX RX connected to the other board.). How to connect this? like physically using pins we cannot connect it wont be of use for me. i need both transmitter and receiver board kept in distance with each other. How do we change in program so as to link the two boards?

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                  To communicate between the two devices there should be some kind of communication interface either wired ( UART/SPI/I2C....) or wireless. Since , CY8CKIT-042   does not have any wireless communication capabilities , you have to use some wired interface. ( This is simple logical question) . However, as you told these devices are far away, you can use other kit with the BLE functionality ( http://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cy8ckit-042-ble-bluetooth-low-energy-42-compliant-pioneer-ki… )


              Here , the data transfer can take place  in below order ..


              Serial terminal -> One BLE kit-> To other BLE kit over BLE Link-> To other Serial terminal over UART.



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