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    Does CX3 support 4K raw8 image sensor?


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      I had found another similar question,CX3 supports resolution´╝č


      It seems total payload 3840*2160*30fps*1byte = 248832000 Bytes , which is lower than 300M bytes, CX3 maximum bandwidth.


      But, when I use CX3 MIPI Receiver Summary to configure a 4K sensor ,e.g. IMX214, I have to use faster CSI clock (625Mhz)and little blanking.(H-Blanking=40, V-Blanking = 10).

      in this configuration, Error free, otherwise, FIFO delay time ERROR will occur.


      625Mhz is 1250Mps, is more than 1Gbps per data lane, can CX3 mipi receiver block work at this high speed?


      Can you give me some advice which parameters are not configured correctly?


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