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    PSoC4 and RF communication



      I have been working on a project using PSoC4 and RF modules NTX0 and NRX0 (27Mhz), I have to send a data byte and receive it at the receiver.

      I am attaching my project, please have a look and let me know how to;


      1.Set the RSSI according to the threshold using ADC

      2.Show the communication using Putty?


      Thank you,

      Arshiya Tabassum

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          Your project is not attached correctly.  Right Click on the project name-> Archive workspace -> Attached the zipped files again.


          1) RSSI is the RECEIVED Signal Strength Indicator , the signal strength varies based on the output TX power set by you.


          2)  Yes , you can use a UART SCB component in your project to send the data to serial terminal. Also you  need an external UART-USB converter. If you are working on PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit , the on board kitprog will do the UART-USB conversion. If you are working on your custom board with only PSoC chip , you have to use a external UART- USB converter ( KitProg, FTDI etc).



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            Potentially, you can setup an RS cable to receive the UART and spit it to the PC, but that will take about as much work as a UART-USB converter setup.