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    AWS Certifications folder



      I’m working on the shadow example to connect my thing to aws, and I tried to put the certificates ( privkey, client.cer and root.ca) in another folder different from « resources /apps/aws/iot » and I changed also the link within get_aws_credentials_from_resources ()  fonction, with the  new directory, the same for makefile, but it did not work it can’t find the new directory,

      I would like to ask if the only place to put certificates has to be Under resources folder or we can change it ?

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          In your application makefile

          Change something like below to your path in resources:

          $(NAME)_RESOURCES  := apps/aws/iot/rootca.cer \

                                apps/aws/greengrass/publisher/client.cer \



          In get_aws_credentials_from_resources()

          Change below to your path accordingly:

          resource_get_readonly_buffer( &resources_apps_DIR_aws_DIR_iot_DIR_rootca_cer

          resource_get_readonly_buffer( &resources_apps_DIR_aws_DIR_greengrass_DIR_publisher_DIR_client_cer

          resource_get_readonly_buffer( &resources_apps_DIR_aws_DIR_greengrass_DIR_publisher_DIR_privkey_cer

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            Thank for your reply, but my question is if i would like to change the directory of certificate, I mean if I want to create a new folder for example,  under $root/ apps/myProject/resources .. and put my certificates here, then change the path accordingly in get_aws_credentials_from_resources() same for the make file, it should work or not, because I tried to do it but always the path for this certificates remains unknown !!

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              The makefiles are written such that the resources directory is pointed by $(SOURCE_ROOT)resources.

              The parameter $(NAME)_RESOURCES takes the by default path as 43xxx_Wi-Fi/resources/<mentioned_directory>

              Hence changing the path will also require changing the makefiles to point to the directory under  $(SOURCE_ROOT) i.e., 43xxx_Wi-Fi


              Besides the resource_get_readonly_buffer() parses the parameter based on underscore "_" from the resource directory.

              Placing this resources path fixed in the makefiles helps us to manage all the resources together as the wifi firmware, blob, other html, etc is stored in resources.

              We would prefer keeping this structure unless there is some very stringent requirement.

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                It's actually not hard to support that.

                The benefit is user can complete put all a project related files in one single folder.

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                  You can save the certificate in DCT as is implemented in <WICED_SDK>/43xxx_Wi-Fi/apps/demo/aws/iot/shadow/thing_shadow snip. This way you dont need to save the certificates explicitly in resources directory in WICED and you can provide the certificates dynamically through browser.

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