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    Configuring an MBR3xxx



      I have been trying to configure an MBR3106s.  I have a printed board with a setup very similar to the one pictured.  So far I have tried connecting to EZ-click through the KitProg2 programmer included in the CY8CKIT-145-40xx Prototyping kit.  EZ-Click recognizes the programmer, but does not recognize the MBR3 chip (as in, nothing comes up under devices).  In every block diagram I have seen (such as the one pictured), a MiniProg3 is used to configure the chip.  Are there differences between KitProg2 and MiniProg3?  Do I need a MiniProg3 to configure this chip?


      Also, most documents I have read reference a host controller in some cryptic way.  Is a host controller required to configure an MBR3 chip, or can it be configured "as is" (just what is shown in the schematic)?


      Finally, the long term plan for this chip is to operate as a touch screen and connect to an MCU (not a PSoC).  Will this chip operate/be configurable with 3rd party MCUs?





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          The I2C connections on the Kitprog2 don't come to the 5 pin breakaway connect. That has the SWD signals, XRES, VDD and GND.  You need to connect I2C SDA and SCL to J8_05 and J8_04 on the Kitprog2 board, if you got it from the -043 kit.  The signals need to go to P12-1 and P12-0 on the P5 on the KitProg2. They should be labeled on the silkscreen on the bottom side of the board.

          Comparator Diagram

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            Hi John,


            About the KitProg2 I2C connection, agree with Mike.

            Don't have to has a host mcu to configure MBR3. Using Ez-Click, MBR3 can be tuned well.

            Of course,  considering that the long term plan for this chip is to operate as a touch screen and connect to an MCU, there is a flexible way to 'control' the chip by a 3rd party MCU. You may have known the reference code of PSoC4 host. Install MBR3 Evaluation Kit files, you will find the host example code in its installing folder(such as: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\CY3280-MBR3 EVK\1.0\Firmware).

            It should be not very hard to migrate the code onto a 3rd party MCU. Configuring/Upgrading MBR3 is always through controlling its fixed I2C register map. FYI.




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              Thank you for the responses.  I have indeed been attempting to connect through the P12-1 and P12-0 on J5.  When I open PSoC Programmer, I get the following screen:

              As you can see, under protocol, I2C is greyed out and cannot be selected.  Could this have anything to do with why I am unable to detect the chip?  Here is also a picture of my setup if it helps. I know it is difficult to see, but I am quite sure I have it connected properly.


              Thanks again,


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                You should be able to choose the programming connection type without even plugging in your board-to-program. Try unplugging it, and see if you can configure it to I2C then?

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                  You shouldn't be using the Programmer.  You are not reprogramming the MBR, you are just updating configuration registers in the part over I2C.   You should see if you can connect with the Bridge Control panel. If you connected correctly, with power, gnd and SDA and SCL, You should be able to connect to the KitProg and List to see the device address.