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    PSOC 4 WS2812- Multi channel configuration- led data getting corrupted


      I am using the PSOC 4 WS2812 configured with 6 channels- 32 LEDs per channel. I am doing a slow flash by computing the color value for each to be programmed in a loop(involving integer multiplication and division).

      The data on channel 6 is getting corrupted( I see green on all but first LED when I am acually sending command for red).


      Also the LEDs on channel 5 are not synchronized with the other channels. For each of the channels, on my output port I have variable number of LED's on the LED strip.

      Ch1 24 LED. Ch2 18 LED, Ch3 19 LED, Ch 4 19 LED, Ch5 24 LED.


      I have I2c bus on the board (disabling this did not help)


      Also my board is on a CAN network.


      On the generated code , I found this

          #define WS_LED_TIME_T0H  300U     // Logic 0 high, 300 us

          #define WS_LED_TIME_T1H  700U     // Logic 1 low, 700 us


      What is the reason behind these numbers?