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    How can I use <INTERFERENCE_OVERRIDE_MODE> in my application?




      I want to implement <Get/Set INTERFERENCE_OVERRIDE_MODE> in my application.

      About that, I found that there is a sample-code in mfg_test.


      How can I use <INTERFERENCE_OVERRIDE_MODE> in my application?

      In other words, I want to use the below function in my application.

      static int wl_interfere_override(void *wl, cmd_t *cmd, char **argv);


      Do I have to copy source-codes from mfg_test to my application?

      Is there any easy way to use <INTERFERENCE_OVERRIDE_MODE>?


      Thanks in advance.

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          I just solved the problem as below. (in SDK 2.4.0)


          wiced_result_t wwd_wifi_set_interference_mode( uint32_t mode )


              wiced_buffer_t buffer;

              wiced_result_t retval;

              uint32_t* data;



              data = wiced_get_ioctl_buffer( &buffer, (uint16_t) 4 );

              CHECK_IOCTL_BUFFER( data );

              *data = (uint32_t) mode;

              retval = wiced_send_ioctl( SDPCM_SET, WLC_SET_INTERFERENCE_MODE, buffer, 0, SDPCM_STA_INTERFACE );

              wiced_assert("Failed to wwd_wifi_set_interference_mode\r\n", retval == WICED_SUCCESS);



              return retval;




          wiced_result_t wwd_wifi_get_interference_mode( uint32_t* mode )


              wiced_buffer_t buffer;

              wiced_buffer_t response;

              wiced_result_t result;



              wiced_get_ioctl_buffer( &buffer, (uint16_t) 4 );

                 result = wiced_send_ioctl(SDPCM_GET, WLC_GET_INTERFERENCE_MODE, buffer, &response, SDPCM_STA_INTERFACE);

              if ( result != WICED_SUCCESS )


                  return WICED_ERROR;




              memcpy( mode, host_buffer_get_current_piece_data_pointer( response ), sizeof(int32_t) );

              host_buffer_release( response, WICED_NETWORK_RX );



              return WICED_SUCCESS;