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    S29GL064S90TFVV10 256 byte programming

      We have a S29GL064S90TFVV10, how do you program 256 bytes using the write to buffer (25 command) in one operation. The data sheet mentions the 25 command limits us to 69 cycles. Do we need to use 4 25 commands in a row followed by a 29 command? Or is there set of commands for this?

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          That is a typo in the datasheet. Sorry about that!

          The limit should be 133cycles (128+5) in word mode and 261cycles (256+5) in byte mode.

          That's because the S26GL064S has a write buffer size of 256bytes/128words.

          So you can send the full WB programming commands in one sequence and you don't have to split it up.


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