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    Response status of type C command


         we using we are using CYPD2122-24LQXI_notebook DRP example code, to configure the ccg2 device as a sink mode initially, through PD CONTROL REGISTER sending the PR_SWAP Command from EC to CCG2, CCG2 Device updated Response register with RESET COMPLETE (0x80)  instead of SWAP Complete (0x87) or Accept Message Received.





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          Hi Nagaraj,



          1. I am not sure why the CCG2 device was getting reset. From your feedback on 0x30, it seems the CCG2 firmware is not identify any attach event.
          2. I could like to request you check below items before you send any HPI commands.
          3. May I know which CC1 and CC2 status when the Type-C device is not attached? I am looking for toggle waveform on those two pins and interval is about 40ms.
          4. If #a is correct, you can try to attach a Type-C device. (I could like to recommend Power sink only device this time.) Meanwhile, I could like to request you monitor the CC1 and CC2 voltage. I am looking for one of CC1 and CC2 have about ~1.68V voltage show up.
          5. If #b is good shape, I could like to know whether there is any CC message on the CC1 or CC2 or not. (I am expecting 0.1V (Low) and 1.1V (high) waveform on the CC1 or CC2.)


          If your CCG2 can achieve above performance, we can try to further debug or firmware customize for PR_SWAP you are looking for.


          Best Regards,