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    CX3 Multiple errors on 2 data lane setting



      I have a testing environment which generates an image pattern at 640x480 pixels for transmission over CSI2 to the CX3, using 1 data lane and 800 MBit/s speed. Using standard VGA config I'm able to receive the pattern using eCAM tool on the PC at 30fps.

      However, after changing the pattern generator to 2 data lanes and setting 2 lanes in the according CyU3PMipicsiCfg_t structure in cycx3_uvcdscr.c, the frame rate drops to 0 and I'm getting MIPI errors on the CX3:


      Framing Error Count = 0x0

      CRC Error Count = 0x0

      Multi-Data Lane Sync Byte Error Count = 0xFF

      Control Error (Incorrect Line State Sequence) Count = 0x0

      Unsupported Packet ID Error Count = 0x0

      Recoverable Packet Header Error Count = 0x29

      Unrecoverable Packet Header Error Count = 0xFF

      Recoverable Sync Byte Error Count = 0x0

      Unrecoverable Sync Byte Error Count = 0x0


      So what could be the reason for this? Do I have to change additional settings? Please help.