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    CY8CKIT-042-BLE Windows GUI

      I apologize for this absolute beginner topic, but in the last days of my research I get more and more confused ;-)


      I have to do a (little) project with the PSoC4-BLE. Up to now I am familiar with (some) of the PSoC-Creator examples (and a lot of helpful videos) and I am able to receive data via BLE within the CySmart emulation tool. For example I can change a value in the emulation tool by using the CapSense on the development board.


      But how do I exchange data with any self-made windows program??? I just need a very simple GUI just to see if a capsens has been touched or to send a value for changing the onboard LED color…


      I didn’t find any Python, C or even Java library to include so that I can use the windows API. Can I program such a GUI with the WICED SDK? Or do you know any useful IDE that provides the possibility to communicate with the CY5677 USB Dongle. (A LabView-VI would help as well, but I didn’t find that at all.)

      It would be perfect if I could get some code to start learning how to create a windows based communication to PSoC 4 via BLE.


      I just get stuck in my research about the possibilities of the PSoC BLE…

      Thank you very much,