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    cyusb3 driver is not working in Windows 10




      I have a custom board with CYUSB3064 + OV5640 on it. Windows 10 by default recognizes it as CX3-UVC and installs usb driver. This driver and the board are working well - I've tested the camera capturing using VLC streaming.

      Now I want to download my FW to CX3 and for this purpose I had to install cyusb3 driver from the EZ USB suite. After modifying the cyusb3.inf as described in cyusb3.pdf, deleting catalog file with hash, forcing unsigned driver, I succeed to install the driver, but I get the following error:


      This device cannot start. (Code 10)

      An invalid parameter was passed to a service or function.


      And of course the Control Center doesn't recognize any device connecte.

      What might be the problem?