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    FW update for Discovery-WiFi with Murata SN8200

      Hi folks,

      (I'm new here.) I'm working with the above board to evaluate suitability for our application. We are presently connecting via UART (jumpers) to a Discovery STM32F429I-DISCO board. Testing is generally going well except under heavy load (transmitting 16 Kbyte buffers) the socket connection occasionally closes and it also seems like the WiFi board or UART hangs. I have found some references to updated firmware for the SN8200 but cannot find the actual files or procedure to download them.


      Present firmware identifies itself as "02.31311". Is there anything more current?


      Pointers to updated firmware (or a better place to ask about this) are most welcome!





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          Hi, hbarta:


          Murata has an application note explaining the firmware downloading. It should be included in the Element 14 software package. Suggest you check Element 14 to download their latest package. This is the package for STM DisF4 kit. It includes Farnell's STM host sample code and complete Murata software package. Optionally, if you register with Murata (88-0015 | SN820X | Wi-Fi | RF Modules | Wireless Products | Murata Manufacturing), upon approved, you will get Murata account to access the application note.





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            Many thanks for your help.


            I have that package and find the file SN8200-SNIC-UART-03-37191.bin in the software folder. Can I confirm that it is the correct firmware for the Discovery-WiFi board for our needs?


            We are using the Discovery-WiFi board to provide a WiFi connection from another board via UART connection. We do not need the web server or access point functionality for this application.


            I will register directly with Murata and see what I can find there.





            Edit: Murata registration required an EVK number. I do not know where that is found so I entered "000"

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              Hi, hbarta:


              Murata had a newer release in Oct. But since you are going to use WICED SKD, I think the Murata release does not matter to you. What you really need is the firmware downloading application note.


              I understand that you don't have the Murata kit. We will handle it.





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                Hi Yong,

                Thank you for your continued help.


                I do not think we need to use the WICED SDK. Our plan is to develop our application on another board and use the Murata board as a Wi-Fi adapter. I thought the software built in to the Murata board would do that for us. I have done some testing and for the most part it does. At times there are problems though. (Application on the other board does not always register a reply to a TCP send.) Before I proceed to work with the application on the other board to track this down, I would like to make sure I am using current firmware on the Murata board.


                When you say "We will handle it" should I expect to hear from Murata?


                many thanks,


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                  Hi, hank:


                  I have not seen your registration. If you want to use Murata software, let's take the dicussion offline. Please send email to modules@murata.com to continue the discussion.