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    CYW920719Q40EVB-01 Audio example




      I'm trying the new eval board CYW920719Q40EVB-01. And I want to work with HFP or AD2P profil.


      I have try with the "demo hci audio gateway" or "ths snip bt ad2p" examples but I can't do nothing wih it...


      Do you have some example? or documents about this?




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          There are some explanation in the demo code to tell you how to demonstrate the app.

          For the hci_audio_gateway demo, the explanation is in the hci_control.c file.

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            I have download the hci_audio_gateway demo and start the "Wiced Client control.exe" application.


            I see the "Wiced AG" bluetooth in my smartphone, wich is my eval board BT. I can connect to it and that all. I want to try the HFP profil and I don't know what I need to do. Do you have same AN or explanation about it?


            The ad2p demo software works well and I can send audio with my smartphone to the evalboard (I can see a2dp profil on my phone. And when I'm connected to ad2p demo board, the audio stopped on my phone speaker's and go to the eval board; it's not the case for audio gateway demo and BT is not visible as HFP profil on my smartphone).



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              You can find the following instruction in the hci_control.c file:


              AG Connection

              * - To create audio gateway connection to remote handsfree controller, choose the bluetooth

              *   address of the remote device from the BR/EDR combo box

              * - Click "Connect" button under Handsfree


              There is no more AN for the demo yet. You can learn about the demo with the comments in the project.

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